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Cannabis Payment Processing

Are you tired of the constant rejection that comes from your typical merchant service provider? PayHawk is different. We’ll process your cannabis related payments without added fees. Welcome to the best.

The Only Cannabis Merchant Services You’ll Ever Need

Discover the all-inclusive cannabis merchant services you’ll ever need. At PayHawk, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to the unique requirements of cannabis businesses. From secure payment processing to specialized merchant accounts, our services are designed to streamline your operations, ensure compliance, and help your cannabis business thrive. Say goodbye to payment hassles and experience seamless transactions with PayHawk as your trusted partner.

Blazing Benefits

PayHawk reduces the pain merchants face in their finances by offering a seamless payment processing solution tailored-made for cannabis retailers.

Joint Effort

The team at PayHawk is mighty and dedicated to your finance success. When you partner with PayHawk you instantly unlock a dedicated partner.

HIGHTech Security

PayHawk employs the use of the latest encryption technologies to ensure that your cannabis related payments are met with privacy and security.

Green Savings

Enjoy deep discounts on your payment processing ventures with PayHawk. We keep our fees ultra-low and our customers extremely happy.

Marijuana Made Easy: Streamlined Processing, Online & In-Person!

We understand the importance of medical marijuana (and recreational) and that everyone (where legal) should have quick and easy access to it. PayHawk offers a comprehensive solution that works both in-store/in-person and online.

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Budalytics: High-Grade Reporting Features for Elevated Insights

When it comes to growing finances in your cannabis business, you need the tools to back it up. PayHawk offers a robust reporting solution to give you complete insight into your finance performance down to the product level thanks to the solutions intuitive feature set.

Ultra–Flexible Payment Methods

Why be limited to a specific card brand? PayHawk supports all of the major card & payment brands such as MasterCard, American Express, Visa, PayPal, Discover, JCB, ApplePay, Google Pay, gift cards, ACH & e-checks to ensure that your customers are never left without payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cannabis Payment Processing and More

Payment solutions for cannabis businesses: FAQs answered here!

What is cannabis payment processing?

Cannabis payment processing refers to the secure and compliant handling of financial transactions in the cannabis industry. It involves facilitating payments for cannabis products and services while adhering to the specific regulations and laws governing the sale of cannabis in different regions.

How do I find reliable cannabis payment processors?

PayHawk is a reliable cannabis payment processor known for its expertise in the industry, providing secure and seamless payment solutions.

What's involved in marijuana payment processing?

PayHawk handles marijuana payment processing, facilitating secure transactions for cannabis products while ensuring compliance with regulations.

How can I set up marijuana credit card processing?

PayHawk supports marijuana credit card processing, enabling customers to make convenient payments for cannabis purchases. To get started, simply reach out to us.

What benefits do Marijuana POS systems offer?

PayHawk's Marijuana POS systems offer streamlined operations, including age verification, compliance reporting, and seamless payment processing.

How do I obtain a cannabis merchant account?

To get your cannabis merchant account with PayHawk simply reach out to us at any time.

What services are included in marijuana merchant services?

PayHawk's marijuana merchant services include credit card processing, debit card acceptance, mobile payments, POS systems, and more.

Why choose PayHawk for cannabis merchant services?

PayHawk is the ideal choice for cannabis merchant services, providing reliable payment processing while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Our primary benefit aside from our ultra-low fees is our focus on you.

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PayHawk's 420-Friendly Services

From Integrated Payment Processing to Mind-Blowing Bill Presentment!

Credit Card Payment Methods

Enjoy lighting-fast credit card payment processing to sprout healthier financials.

Electronic Payment Processing

The perfect solution for anyone looking to embrace the digital herb with seamless electronic payments.


Experience secure end-to-end encryption for the best in cybersecurity, ensuring your bud is well-protected.


Custom reporting provides easy-to-read statements, offering a clear view of your green financials.

Time to Harvest Success - Partner with PayHawk Today!

Ready to maximize your cannabis business potential? Join forces with PayHawk, the leading cannabis payment processor, and experience a smooth, compliant, and lucrative journey.


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