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Healthcare Payment Processing

Compliance and regulations within the healthcare space are continuously changing and many healthcare merchant service providers fall behind. With GoPayhawk, you can ensure you’re compliant while saving on fees.

HIPPA Compliant Payment Processing

With GoPayhawk, you never have to wonder if your payment systems are HIPAA compliant. We ensure A-Z encryption of all data with full HiPPA compliance by utilizing the latest security technology and closely monitoring each state’s HIPPA regulations. 

Healthcare Merchant Services to Rule Them All

With GoPayhawk you get access to secure payment processing with a team of professionals to back you up. Every step of the way.

PCI Compliance

With GoPayhawk, we help you ensure your healthcare practice is PCI-compliant and meets all of your state’s regulations so you can avoid paying hefty fines.

End-To-End API

Healthcare software solutions require a lot of configuration and with GoPayhawk, our innovative API makes it incredibly easy to integrate with your tools.

24/7 Support

When you call GoPayhawk you can always expect a human. Gone are the days of endless automation, here are the days of humans ready to serve you.

Lowest Fees Around

GoPayhawk strives to deliver a quality product while ensuring the lowest possible fees. We operate on a “with you” principle that just works. Our process continuously gains new customers which in return helps us keep our costs low for you.

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Contracts? Nope!

In the healthcare realm, you’re continuously dealing with vendor contracts and agreements. With GoPayhawk, there is no lock-in contract—just your rate agreement. If you don’t like GoPayhawk you’re free to leave without any termination charges or ‘contractual’ breaches.

Healthcare Merchant with Healthcare Knowledge

When you process payments with any merchant service provider it’s important to find one that understands the industry, its terms, regulations, and inner workings. At GoPayhawk, our team of experts have vast knowledge of healthcare niches and if we don’t, we do everything in our power to ensure that we learn your business just as well as you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that signing up for a new healthcare payment processing solution can be daunting and prompt questions. With that, we’ve picked out 8 of our most frequently asked questions and answered them to help you better understand what we do.

Where is GoPayhawk located?

GoPayhawk is located in Georgia, however, we service healthcare agencies around the United States.

Will GoPayhawk be compliant in my state?

Yes! GoPayhawk is dedicated to staying up to date on compliance in each state and ensuring 100% HIPPA compliance across each state, including yours! Some states do have various sub-requirements, and GoPayhawk can meet those requirements.

Does GoPayhawk integrate with my accounting software?

If you’re using an accounting software with an open API, GoPayhawk can be integrated directly into it. However, natively we currently only offer a QuickBooks integration.

Does GoPayhawk have a healthcare payment gateway?

We do! Our gateway is compliant, and requires an SSL connection, and the other protocols of PCI compliance.

Does GoPayhawk work with XYZ content management system?

GoPayhawk can be integrated with any CMS that supports a hyperlink. With our payment gateway you have two options: 1. native integration, 2. external integration. With our native integration you can connect GoPayhawk to your existing CMS through either a plugin or our API. Our external integration simply requires a hyperlink that points out to a virtualized gateway, hosted by GoPayhawk.

What payment methods can be used with GoPayhawk?

GoPayhawk currently supports MasterCard, American Express, Visa, PayPal, Discover, JCB, ApplePay, Google Pay, gift cards, ACH & e-checks.

How fast can I get my funds?

The rate at which you receive your funds heavily depends on your bank and its deposit speed. Once you withdraw your funds from GoPayhawk, it’s instant, but again, relies on your bank to deposit the money.

Does GoPayhawk have a point of sales system?

Yes we do! With GoPayhawk you get access to both a point of sale and a credit card processing terminal.

GoPayhawk is Ready to Service Your Healthcare Agency

Are you ready for the best payment processing technology in the healthcare space? If so, get started with GoPayhawk today.

Patient First Philosophy

Our philosophy at GoPayhawk is to deliver a quality product that’s seamless, easy to use, and encourages patients to pay safely and securely without hiccups. Our patient-first philosophy is proven to help healthcare agencies dramatically reduce collection rates. 

Curious to learn more about our philosophy?

GoPayhawk Solutions for Healthcare Agencies

While we service an array of industries, our healthcare offerings are unique and hyper focused on what we believe you need the most.

Bill Presentment (EBPP)

Expand your income core by receiving payments electronically, or even over the phone. Our EBPP module allows for complete customization enabling your agency full control over your payment flows.

Lighting Fast Payment Processing

Enjoy lightning fast payment processing with all of GoPayhawk's payment options. Payments are processed in near-instant fashion without visual delay.

Custom Reporting

Make informed financial decisions by harnessing the power of your own custom reporting. View date segments, filter by service and so much more. The control is completely yours.


HIPPA compliant with the entire PCI DSS compliance spectrum. Our payment processing solution offers over 150 unique security checkpoints to ensure that your customers data is never visible throughout the transaction.

Dedicated Management

Enjoy a stress-free merchant service process by having one dedicated resource to help you throughout your ventures. With GoPayhawk you aren’t assigned an account manager at random, you’re assigned a dedicated account manager based on your healthcare industry and said account manager’s knowledge in the industry. Enjoy knowing someone has your back.

Transparent Pricing

Beyond our low fees, we’re transparent with pricing and extremely upfront about your fee schedule. We’ll never upcharge you or down charge you. As long as you’re happy with your current fee schedule, it will remain the same forever, locked in, no questions asked.

Get Started with GoPayhawk Today!

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