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Consumer Finance Payment Processing

Seamlessly accept loan payments from anywhere. Process your loan payments with GoPayhawk today and unlock your true cash flow potential.

Loan Payment Processing Made Simple

Whether you’re a private lender, or operate a wide-spread lending business, GoPayhawk has the knowledge and tools to support you. Our payment processing technology enables you to have complete control over your funds.

Fast, Secure & Open Consumer Finance Payment Processing

Our consumer finance payment processing solution was built on three simple principles.


Process loan payments in near-instant fashion. Harness the power of a secure end-to-end payment processing solution built with lending in mind.


GoPayhawk leverages a powerhouse tech stack to drive security across all transactions. Enjoy a PCI DSS compliant experience with built-in fraud analysis.


Our open API allows you to integrate your consumer finance payment processing with any loan servicing software that supports custom connections.

Custom Reporting

Make informed lending decisions based on loan product and repayment rates. GoPayhawk’s reporting feature is exportable and can be filtered into any which way you want, enabling complete flexibility. 

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Simplified Bill Representment

Stay ahead of the curve and enable a truly unique electronic payment solution. Allow your borrowers to pay their loans in your controlled manner.

Low Fees

Unlike many other loan payment processing providers, we don’t up our rates simply for the nature of the industry. We offer one simple rate that’s unique to your lending business, without any hidden costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lenders ask us questions from time to time, so we’ve decided to put some of the more common questions here for you to view.

Does GoPayhawk work with XYZ loans servicing software?

If your loan servicing software supports API integrations, then yes we can, which most typically do.

How fast can I receive my funds?

GoPayhawk works quickly, and it’s typically instant, however, it depends heavily on your bank's deposit times.

Does GoPayhawk support more complex loan products?

GoPayhawk works with any loan product that you’re offering. Our fee schedule is not affected by your product offerings, but rather, the amount of transactions and transaction total. If you for example had a loan product with a variable interest rate, GoPayhawk may charge slightly more or slightly less than another transaction, due to the nature of the fee schedule (% + $.c).

Does GoPayhawk stay up to date with lending regulations?

Yes, GoPayhawk does. We are continuously monitoring the market for new regulation changes.

How does the payment gateway work?

GoPayhawk's payment gateway works in multiple ways, and ultimately depends on your unique needs. If you opt for a domain-based payment (on a website URL), you can use either our internal integration (hardcoded/plugin) or an external integration (our external payment gateway, via a custom URL).

What payment methods can be used with GoPayhawk?

GoPayhawk currently supports MasterCard, American Express, Visa, PayPal, Discover, JCB, ApplePay, Google Pay, gift cards, ACH & e-checks.

Will GoPayhawk work with XYZ bank?

If your bank supports routing numbers and account numbers, we can integrate with your bank.

Does GoPayhawk support QuickBooks?

Yes! GoPayhawk integrates with QuickBooks natively.

Process Your Consumer Finance Payments with GoPayhawk!

Get started with the best hyper-focused payment processing company in the world.

More Than Payments

GoPayhawk has a ‘we’ approach to our business, which ensures that we are offering our best to you, for you. We promote our customer service as one of our strongest selling points, in the fact that we’re always human without any form of robo-automation, basically, call and speak to a human, always.

Purpose Built Consumer Finance Payment Processing

We’ve handcrafted our payment processing offering to be a seamless product for any consumer finance business.

Bill Presentment (EBPP)

Accept payment electronically, or over the phone. With GoPayhawk's bill presentment feature, consumer finance businesses have full control over their bill flow.

Fast Payment Processing

Enjoy a lightning fast payment processing experience, regardless of where they are, or how they’re paying. GoPayhawk is instant.

Dedicated Reporting

Make better lending decisions by using your own dedicated reports.

Extra Secure

GoPayhawk takes security seriously and follows PCI DSS compliance, HiPPA compliance and the regulations for lenders.

True Cash Flow Solution

GoPayhawk is a tried and true solution for any lender looking for a dedicated payment processing solution for their consumer finance solution. Want to learn more about our customers’ success stories? Reach out, we’ll tell you all about them.

Realistic Fee Schedule

Unlike our competitors, our fee schedule is realistic and transparent. We don’t hide fees, and we don’t lock you into any contracts. If you decide PayHawk isn’t for you, there is no termination fee, or contractual issues.

Consumer Finance Payment Processing Just For You.

Process your loan-related payments with GoPayhawk today and unlock your true cash flow potential.


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