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These are the top questions we hear. Not to worry if these don’t answer your question. We’re here to help. Just one call or message away.

GoPayhawk offers solutions that integrate directly with Quickbooks using the SyncPay plug-in. This also allows you to send invoicing with a “Pay Now” button directly in the email.

We are able to integrate with LightSpeed; Micros / Postek; Aloha; 2 touch; Ambit; HotSauce; Aldelo Touch; Lighthouse; BreadCrumb and One POS.

  • If you do not see your POS or are a POS company please contact us as we are always looking to form new partnerships and expand our product offerings.

Yes! We have several solutions that you can use with mobile applications which you can either choose to purchase a mobile swiper with or just key in the transactions. We also have access to one of the few mobile EMV chip card readers.

We are able to integrate with 150+ shopping carts with a simple plug and play integration for most that requires little to no IT help. Please let your sales consultant know which shopping cart you are working with during the process to ensure a simple integration with our operations team!

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Since October of 2015, all merchants are now subject to the new EMV (Europay, Mastercard & Visa) chip card standards. This shift reflects a change from the commonly used magnetic strips on the back of card to an imbedded microchip considered safer and widely used across Europe, Canada, and many other regions. These chip-based cards will require insertion into an EMV compliant terminal rather than swiping the “mag” strip as has been done since the 1970’s! Most importantly to you, the merchant, failure to comply to the new standards will result in a complete liability shift in your chargeback and fraud liability.

As a merchant accepting credit cards for payment, you are required to operate your business within the security guidelines known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). To assist you with the process of becoming compliant, we have launched our PCI platform. Data breaches have become a major concern and an unfortunate reality for merchants of all sizes and all transaction types. As a result of this increasing problem, the card brands mandate that every merchant must comply with the Payment Card Industry standards.

Interchange is the fee paid to the bank that issued the card to your customer and usually represents the largest cost component of accepting cards. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex have set wide ranges of hundreds of complicated Interchange rate categories that depend on these factors:

  • The type of card used; Debit (least expensive), Consumer Credit, Rewards, Business.
  • Whether the transaction was Card-Present (CP), i.e. Retail.
  • Whether the transaction was Card-Not-Present (CNP), i.e. eCommerce/MOTO- more expensive.
  • The system used to accept cards and the data submitted by the system.
  • The type of business and Merchant Category Code (MCC).
  • The specific American Express transaction amount.

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