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Non-Profit​ Payment Processing

Whether you’re accepting donations, or selling goods and services as a nonprofit, you need a good payment processor to back you up. 

Meet GoPayhawk, a purpose-driven payment processing solution for nonprofits, backed with an ultra-low fee schedule.

Unified ‘We’ Approach

GoPayhawk operates under a ‘we’ approach, meaning we work together for the same goal. Growth. Whether you’re a charity, church, or another nonprofit, we all want the same thing. Growth. When you think of GoPayhawk, consider us an extension of your team, not ‘just another service’.

More Than Credit Card Processing for Nonprofits

GoPayhawk continuously innovates and strives to be more than another service.

Low Fees

Our payment processing fee schedule is already low for businesses that aren’t nonprofits, now add in the mix your nonprofit? The fees simply cannot be beaten.

PCI DSS Compliant

We take security very seriously and with such, our payment processing technology follows the PCI DSS compliance requirements and several other security protocols.

Open API

When you need a seamless approach to integrating, GoPayhawk is the best. GoPayhawk can be integrated with anything that supports custom code or even simply a hyperlink.

Custom Reporting

Make informed decisions about donor engagement and fundraising strategies based on donation trends and retention rates. GoPayhawk’s reporting feature is exportable and can be filtered in any way you want, allowing for complete flexibility in analyzing donation data. This can help nonprofits identify which fundraising campaigns are most effective and which donors are most likely to give again in the future.

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Simplified Bill Representment

Stay ahead of the curve and offer a unique donation experience by enabling electronic payment options. Allow your patrons to give in a secure and controlled manner through your nonprofit’s website or social media platforms. This can make the donation process more convenient and accessible for donors, ultimately increasing fundraising efforts for your nonprofit.

Ultra-Low Fees

Unlike many other donation processing providers, we don’t increase our rates simply because you’re a nonprofit. We offer one simple rate that’s unique to your organization, without any hidden costs. This can help your nonprofit budget more effectively and ensure that more of each donation goes directly towards your mission and programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Donors may have questions from time to time, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common questions for you to view. This can help provide transparency and clarity for your potential donors, making them more comfortable with giving to your nonprofit.

What payment methods does GoPayhawk support for nonprofits?

GoPayhawk supports credit and debit card payments, e-checks, and ACH payments for nonprofits.

What kind of fees does GoPayhawk charge for its services?

GoPayhawk charges a reasonable fee per transaction for its payment processing services. The fee is based on the type of payment method used and the volume of transactions.

Is there a setup fee for nonprofits to use GoPayhawk's payment processing services?

No, GoPayhawk does not charge any setup fee for nonprofits to use its payment processing services.

Does GoPayhawk offer any donation management and tracking features?

Yes, GoPayhawk provides a comprehensive reporting solution that's perfect for tracking donations.

Is GoPayhawk's payment processing platform secure for nonprofits?

Yes, GoPayhawk's payment processing platform is highly secure and compliant with all industry-standard security protocols.

What kind of support does GoPayhawk offer to nonprofits using its payment processing services?

GoPayhawk offers a dedicated support team that is available 24/7 to help nonprofits with any issues they may face while using the platform.

Is it possible to integrate GoPayhawk's payment processing services with our nonprofit's existing website or fundraising platform?

With GoPayhawk's sandbox API, you can integrate GoPayhawk with nearly every web system on the internet.

What kind of reporting and analytics does GoPayhawk offer to nonprofits?

GoPayhawk provides detailed reporting and analytics tools that enable nonprofits to track their donations, payments, and fundraising campaigns in real-time.

Process Your Nonprofit Payments & Donations with GoPayhawk!

Begin processing your nonprofit’s financial payments with GoPayhawk, the top payment processing company dedicated to nonprofits around the world.

More Than Payments

At GoPayhawk, we understand the significance of personalized customer service in the nonprofit sector. We take a ‘we’ approach to our business, which guarantees that we are providing the best services to our nonprofit clients. As a nonprofit organization, having a personal touch in your customer service can go a long way in building relationships with your donors and supporters.

Purpose Built Nonprofit Donation Payment Processing

Our payment processing offering is handcrafted with care to ensure that it is easy to use and efficient, helping you to focus on your mission and goals.

Bill Presentment (EBPP)

GoPayhawk's bill presentment feature is a powerful tool that allows nonprofit organizations to accept payments electronically or over the phone. By using GoPayhawk's bill presentment feature, nonprofits can streamline their payment process and focus on their core mission. With full control over their bill flow, nonprofits can ensure that their payment process is efficient and effective.

Fast Payment Processing

GoPayhawk offers a lightning-fast payment processing experience, regardless of location or payment method. With GoPayhawk, nonprofits can ensure that their payment processing is both efficient and effective. Whether your donors are making payments online, over the phone, or in person, GoPayhawk can process their payments quickly and securely.

Dedicated Reporting

GoPayhawk's dedicated reporting feature provides nonprofits with the tools they need to make better decisions. By leveraging their own dedicated reports, nonprofits can gain insights into their payment process and optimize their operations. With GoPayhawk, nonprofits can track their payments, view transaction histories, and monitor their accounts in real-time.

Extra Secure

GoPayhawk takes security seriously and follows PCI DSS compliance, ensuring that nonprofit organizations can trust their payment processing. With GoPayhawk, nonprofits can rest assured that their data is safe and secure. GoPayhawk is committed to protecting nonprofits from fraud, identity theft, and other security threats.

Tried & True

GoPayhawk offers a dedicated payment processing solution for nonprofits. With lightning-fast payment processing, dedicated reporting, and extra security measures, GoPayhawk is the ultimate cash flow solution for nonprofits of all sizes.

Realistic Fee Schedule

At GoPayhawk, we believe in transparency and simplicity. That’s why we offer a realistic fee schedule that is easy to understand. We don’t hide fees or lock you into any contracts. If you decide GoPayhawk isn’t for you, there is no termination fee or contractual issues.

Nonprofit Donation Payment Processing Just For You.

Process your donations, payments and much more with the help of GoPayhawk.


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