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High-Risk Payment Processing

High-risk businesses should never come with high fees simply because of the nature of the business. GoPayhawk changes everything by offering a low-fee high-risk payment processing solution for high-risk businesses.

It’s Your Business. Not There's.

Merchant service providers turn away businesses that are considered high risk because they don’t want to deal with the ‘troubles’. GoPayhawk understands it’s your business and will NEVER treat you any differently for your business type.

No Questions Asked High-Risk Merchant Account

Our high-risk payment processing solution is the perfect end-to-end solution for high-risk businesses.


CBD is one of the more common business types we provide to merchant services. We offer the same services as non-risk businesses.



Gambling requires state compliance and even federal compliance, and GoPayhawk is armed to help these businesses with just that.


Vape stores frequently get turned away by many payment processing companies, but not GoPayhawk. We’re here to help.

High-Risk? Same Rewards!

GoPayhawk doesn’t limit what you can or can’t have from our service offerings. If you operate a high-risk business you will receive the same services as a non-risk business, including our support.

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No Pressure. No Commitments.

While many other high-risk merchants lock you in for a contractual period, GoPayhawk lets you leave as you please, there is no obligation to stay and absolutely no early termination fees.

Lowest Fees Around

Don’t pay outrageous fees for simply selling what you sell online. Pay a fair, low, and affordable fee schedule that works for you and not against you. GoPayhawk does not charge more than non-risk businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

High-risk merchant accounts come with questions, so many in fact, that we’ve decided to answer a few of the more frequently asked questions.

Does GoPayhawk allow cannabis?

As long as your state allows cannabis sales, GoPayhawk supports it.

Is my business high-risk?

High-risk businesses are ones that are typically associated with more frequent fraud, such as gambling, tobacco, firearms or adult businesses.

Does GoPayhawk's high-risk payment processing include a high-risk payment gateway?

Yes we do. Our payment gateways are built with high-risk businesses in mind and offer robust security checks to ensure that little to no fraud passes into your systems.

What information does GoPayhawk need about my business?

We need the bare minimum such as your tax identification number, employer identification number and bank information (to process funds).

Will GoPayhawk work with my eCommerce store?

GoPayhawk works with nearly every website online. If you’re using a content management system such as WordPress you can utilize our plugin. If you are on a website that supports custom code, you can use our custom integration. We also offer an external payment gateway system that works on every platform out there.

What payment methods can be used with GoPayhawk?

GoPayhawk currently supports MasterCard, American Express, Visa, PayPal, Discover, JCB, ApplePay, Google Pay, gift cards, ACH & e-checks.

Does GoPayhawk support crypto-currency?

At this time, GoPayhawk does not natively support crypto-currency, however, we may be able to advise alternative solutions such as conversion plugins for your site to enable a purchase of gift cards.

Does GoPayhawk have a point of sales system?

Yes we do! With GoPayhawk you get access to both a point of sale and a credit card processing terminal.

Claim Your High-Risk Merchant Account with GoPayhawk Today!

GoPayhawk is ready to serve your high-risk business by offering secure payment processing solutions, robust point of sales, and a stellar team of support experts. Maximize your cash flow, and leverage GoPayhawk.

Merchant Account + High Risk = Fraud? Not with GoPayhawk.

Enjoy reduced fraud activity and chargebacks by leveraging GoPayhawk’s powerful transaction security check solution. Our security checks ensure that customer data is valid before it hits your account. Grow your cash flow, don’t lose it.

High Risk Payment Processing with Dedicated Solutions

GoPayhawk has purpose-built high-risk payment processing solutions for high-risk merchants such as yours.

Bill Presentment (EBPP)

Accept payment electronically, or over the phone. With GoPayhawk's bill presentment feature, high-risk businesses have full control over their bill flow.

Near-Instant Payment Processing

Legally, we can’t say instant, however, our payment processing technology works at the speed of light. Transaction data is sent securely between servers at speeds unimaginable.

Dedicated Reporting

Have granular control over financial reports by filtering date ranges and product segments. GoPayhawk also supports data export so you can perform third-party reporting at your leisure.

Extra Secure

GoPayhawk uses the standard PCI DSS protocols to ensure that your transactions are secure. But, we don’t stop there. GoPayhawk also leverages several other security layers to ensure a completely safe and secure transaction, without causing strain on your customers.

We Don’t Judge

GoPayhawk is a laid-back merchant service provider that wants to help you grow your business by providing meaningful merchant services. That means that we want the same thing as you. We want you to grow and succeed as it helps us grow and succeed. It’s a win/win, high-risk or not.

Honest Fee Schedule

Our approach to fees is to be transparent and upfront about them. We offer insanely low fees on high-risk merchant accounts. Want a free quote on your high-risk merchant account? Click the button below, fill out a quick form, and hear back within 24 hours.

Process High-Risk Payments with GoPayhawk

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