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The Nations Most Trusted CBD Payment Processing Business

GoPayhawk leverages a specific payment processing solutions to support CBD and all credit card processing sales in your pharmacy all while saving you money on your current processing rates! Never worry about threatening letters again from processors who will NOT support CBD sales in your pharmacy. We deliver the world’s best technologies for in-store, online, and mobile payments. We are consultants for PCI compliance, EMV conversion and offer a straight-forward approach that creates long-term partnerships through honest dialogue and transparent pricing

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What Features Can You Expect with The Best CBD Credit Card Processing Provider?

We work with several industries, however in CBD payment  processing we have a few unique features that set us apart from the competition.

Why Choose GoPayhawk For CBD Payment Processing

If you business in CBD, then you know how important it is to have a reliable payment processor. GoPayhawk offers payment processing solutions that are designed for the CBD. With GoPayhawk, you can rest assured that your payments will be processed quickly and securely.

Easy Processing

Sit back and let GoPayhawk process your CBD related payments.

Trusted Encryption

We're safe, encrypted and secure with the latest in security technology.

Trusted by Many

Hundreds of 5 star reviews right around the corner for you to view.

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Integration Overload

We integrate with nearly any platform you can think of.

Human Based

With the rise in AI, we've stuck to the roots. We're human, deal with humans 24/7.


We're accessible and make the entire journey easy to learn.

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Our team of dedicated service professionals are ready to help you with CBD payment processing – get started and reach out today for a no-pressure free consultation.

We Service Other Industries!

If you’re not just looking for the best CBD payment processing then perhaps we have another industry that you could use GoPayhawk for.



Property Management

Property Management

Restaurants Bars

Restaurants & Bars

High Risk








Consumer Finance

Consumer Finance

Small Business

Small Business

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Storage Logistics

Storage & Logistics









Non Profit


Don’t see the industry you’re looking for? Reach out to us today and let us help you!

Process Online or Locally with GoPayhawk

Why stay rooted online when you can expand payments to the inside of your business? GoPayhawk’s payment processing solutions don’t stop at just eCommerce take us straight to your register – sell your goods with GoPayhawk locally in retail, or online. Your money, your life, our service, our partnership.

We’ Attitude

We’re tired of seeing so many merchant service providers out there looking at you like a cash sign or a quick fee… No more me. It’s all about us. 

When we say it’s our solution we mean our team and your team as a partnership. What you say directly impacts the developments we make to GoPayhawk. We love our customers, we’re all one happy family. 

CBD payment processing is a tricky business because people can see us as the ones who encourage you to sell more for us to make more, and while that’s how fee’s work, it’s not why we work. We are in this business for you. So, let’s do it together. Reach out to us today and get started. 

We process together, we can sell together. We win together!

Frequently Asked Questions

These our the most common questions we get asked.

Yes we do! Whether you’re in a high-risk industry such as CBD or in retail, we’ve got your back.

At GoPayhawk we offer competitive fees which start at 2.95% + $0.30

Yes you do. An SSL certificate is a great way to not only show your customers that you’re secure, but it also does just that, secures your site. When you are selling through eCommerce with GoPayhawk as your payment gateway and payment processor, we require you to have an SSL as a part of PCI compliance.

We integrate with a vast majority of websites, if you’re looking for a specific integration, reach out to us. Otherwise, please view our list of complete system integrations.

 If you're looking for a payment processor that will make your ecommerce website run smoother, then GoPayhawk is the way to go. Reach out to us today and get started!

Yes we do! In fact, a lot of customers deem us to be the best payment gateway for WooCommerce - mostly for our end-to-end security and awesome staff, not to be biased…

Yes we do, we actually support a vast majority of content management systems out there. We have the ability to be anywhere code can be placed, which is extremely convenient on older systems such as Shopping Cart.

Yes, if your website system allows it, then we do as well! If a customer comes into your local business, you can totally run transactions offline and sync them with your website system.

Ready to get started with CBD Payment Processing?