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After researching many services, PayHawk takes the cake! I am very pleased with the services they provide my store, ARIEL, in St. Simons Island, GA. I am equally happy with the staff and the effort they put forth to make sure any and all questions I have are promptly answered.They go above and beyond to make sure my business is functioning as efficiently as it possibly can. PayHawk has successfully provided my business with exceptional customer service and an awesome P.O.S. system. The features and functions PayHawk offers make a world of difference and save me a lot of time. I highly recommend PayHawk to any retail business who is in search of efficient services and amazing customer support.

Ariel Anderson Client

    I have been extremely happy with the services PayHawk has provided me at my psychology practice, Delta Psychological Group in Aventura, Florida. PayHawk has been up front with the services they provide, delivered on what they promised, and provide excellent customer service. I highly recommend them to any health care provider who currently accepts or wants to accept credit cards in their practice.

    Anthony W. Tanona Client

    Adding credit cards to my small practice has been helpful to my patients. I appreciate the convenience of using the swipe machine and everything goes right into my banking account. I feel my patients appreciate not always writing a check.

    Debbi Chartash Client

      I started in this industry just a little under a year. The last time I ran a credit card was back when you had to place the machine up on the counter, put in the carbon paper and then slide the handle across so it made a copy of the card! That was a long time ago! My relationship with Katie and the team at PayHawk helped make my transition back into the credit card world so simplistic. I was relieved and thrilled when Katie came to the office to show me the system, how to batch and run the reports I need. What I appreciate most about working with PayHawk and their team is the continuous support we receive from simply checking in with our office and just always being on hand to answer any questions we may have.

      Debbie Johnson Client

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