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Storage and Logistics Payment Processing

Searching for an outstanding payment processing solution that truly performs? Look no further, as GoPayhawk is here to support you. You can expect payment processing complications to be a thing of the past while you embrace seamless transactions with our services.

Merchant Services That Adapt With You

GoPayhawk understands the unique challenges associated with operating a storage and logistics company, which is why we’re committed to facilitating a seamless payment processing experience with a professional approach.

Premier Merchant Services for Storage and Logistics

Storage and logistics businesses must consistently meet or surpass client expectations in service excellence, efficiency, and communication to preserve a distinguished reputation and customer loyalty – and GoPayhawk is committed to ensuring your efforts and diligence are acknowledged.


Storage and logistics businesses need to protect their customers’ sensitive payment information from unauthorized access. GoPayhawk’s payment processing solutions use advanced security measures to safeguard all transactions and data.


Seamless integration with your existing systems can help reduce errors and save time. GoPayhawk offers integration with a wide range of storage and logistics software and hardware to streamline your payment processing.


With GoPayhawk, storage and logistics businesses can enjoy competitive processing rates, no hidden fees and transparent pricing, helping you save money and stay within budget.

Because You Deserve Real Solutions

Let’s face it, you’ve invested a considerable amount of time and energy into growing your storage and logistics business to the level of success it currently enjoys. Partnering with GoPayhawk as your merchant services is the last piece of the puzzle to get you to the top. So why wait? Get in touch with us today – you deserve it!

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No Contracts, Just Smooth Sailing!

We understand the importance of simplicity. That’s why we don’t bind you with any contracts. When you collaborate with us, you’ll have the flexibility to grow and diversify your storage and logistics business without limitations.

Merchant Service Pricing that Makes Sense

Get rid of costly fees for credit card processing and welcome a transparent and cost-effective fee structure that propels your storage and logistics business growth. GoPayhawk is dedicated to supporting you in advancing your enterprise without incurring exorbitant expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that payment processing can be complex. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to address some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from storage and logistics business owners like you. Here they are:

What payment methods can I accept with GoPayhawk?

GoPayhawk supports a wide range of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, mobile payments, and e-checks.

Is GoPayhawk's payment processing system secure?

Yes, GoPayhawk prioritizes security and adheres to PCI DSS protocols to ensure that all transactions are secure and safeguarded against unauthorized access.

How long does it take to set up GoPayhawk payment processing system?

The setup process is quick and straightforward, and we aim to get you up and running within a few business days.

Can GoPayhawk integrate with my current storage and logistics software and hardware systems?

Yes, GoPayhawk offers seamless integration with a wide variety of storage and logistics software and hardware systems, which can help streamline your payment processing procedures.

What are GoPayhawk's processing fees like?

GoPayhawk offers competitive processing rates and transparent pricing with no hidden fees, helping you save money and stay within budget.

Can I access my storage and logistics business's payment processing reports online?

Yes, GoPayhawk's payment gateway provides easy-to-use reporting features that allow you to access your storage and logistics business's financial reports online.

Does GoPayhawk offer customer support?

Yes, GoPayhawk offers customer support to ensure that you can receive assistance whenever you need it.

How do I get started with GoPayhawk's payment processing services for my storage and logistics business?

Getting started is easy - simply fill out our form, and we'll be in touch with you shortly to help you set up your payment gateway.

Elevate Your Storage and Logistics Business with GoPayhawk

Our objective at GoPayhawk is to deliver dependable merchant services for the storage and logistics industry. This means you get seamless transaction management and exceptional support from our expert team. Rely on us to be your trusted ally for all your merchant needs.

Get Real Results, not Empty Promises

We believe that your storage and logistics business deserves payment processing solutions that genuinely work, not just promises that fall flat. Our innovative and reliable payment solutions are designed to fuel your growth and success, delivering actual results that speak for themselves.

Payment Processing that Perfectly Suits Storage and Logistics

Our payment processing solutions are tailored to fit the unique requirements of your storage and logistics business and are intended to enhance your progress and success.

Bill Presentment (EBPP)

Don't let delayed payments impede your storage and logistics business's progress. Let go of traditional snail mail and embrace GoPayhawk's EBPP feature for swift and secure electronic payments. This user-friendly tool allows you to accept payments online or over the phone, giving you complete command over your cash flow. With GoPayhawk, you can concentrate on enhancing your storage and logistics business and maximizing its potential.

Speedy Payment Processing

Say goodbye to sluggish payment processing! GoPayhawk's high-speed system guarantees that your storage and logistics business transactions are processed in a flash. Our rapid service means you'll receive your funds faster, giving you more time to focus on growing your enterprise without any bottlenecks.

Simplified Reporting

Stay in the loop with your storage and logistics business's financial reports using GoPayhawk's easy-to-use payment gateway. Effortlessly sift through transaction categories and date ranges to access the specific details you need. With our convenient data export feature, third-party reporting is speedy and straightforward.

Reliable Security

At GoPayhawk, securing your storage and logistics business's transactions is our foremost priority. We abide by PCI DSS regulations to ensure your transactions are safe and sound. However, we don't stop there – we've implemented additional security measures for even greater protection. You and your clients can enjoy a stress-free and secure transaction experience.

Custom-Made Payment Solutions for Your Storage and Logistics Business

GoPayhawk recognizes that every storage and logistics enterprise is unique. That’s why we provide customized payment solutions designed to meet your specific needs. From online payments to mobile transactions and beyond, we’re here to support you.

Clear and Honest Pricing

We firmly believe in transparency when it comes to fees. We provide some of the most competitive rates for credit card processing for the storage and logistics industry.  Are you ready to start? Simply click the button below to receive a free quote in a flash!

Get in on the Action with GoPayhawk Merchant Services

Excited to unlock all the fantastic perks that GoPayhawk offers for your storage and logistics biz? It’s a breeze to kick things off, and you could start processing payments super-fast – maybe even tomorrow! Fill out our form, and we’ll get back to you quickly with all the info you need.


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