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High Risk Payment Gateway

PayHawk doesn’t care what industry you’re in – we just want to help. Enjoy ultra-low fees and complete acceptance at PayHawk.

High Risk, High Reward.

PayHawk offers a high risk payment gateway to customers in any high risk industry without charging additional fees simply because of the nature of the business. With PayHawk, you can enjoy your new financial success.

Online High Risk Payment Gateway? Check.

Our high risk payment gateway works wonderfully across a multitude of websites and industries.
Wondering what forms of online high risk businesses we frequently work with? Check them out below! 

CBD & Cannabis

CBD & cannabis businesses love partnering with PayHawk and enjoy our deeply discounted fee schedules. Sell with freedom.


Gambling requires state compliance and even federal compliance, and PayHawk is armed to help these businesses with just that.


Vape stores frequently get turned away by many payment processing companies, but not PayHawk. We’re here to help.

Online & In-Person High Risk Payment Gateway

PayHawk gives you the high risk payment gateway you need to sell freely. Sell in person or online with ease thanks to our highly flexible high risk payment gateway solution.

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Zero Contractual Commitments

Unlike other high risk merchant service providers, PayHawk doesn’t lock you into a contract. If you’re unhappy, you’re free to leave, but we assure you, you will not be disappointed with our high risk payment gateway.

Dedicated Support Always

PayHawk pairs you with your own account representative that wants to get to know your business on a deeper level to help give you the tools needed for success. Not only do you get an amazing payment gateway, but you get to partner with amazing people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our high risk payment gateway comes with a few questions, so let’s answer them.

Does PayHawk support marijuana sales?

If your state allows for the sale of marijuana online or in person, PayHawk can process these payments.

What is a high risk business?

High-risk businesses are ones that are typically associated with more frequent fraud, such as gambling, tobacco, firearms or adult businesses. CreditDonkey has a really great list of high-risk industries if you’re looking for a comprehensive list.

Does PayHawk’s high-risk payment processing include a high-risk payment gateway?

Yes we do. Our payment gateways are built with high-risk businesses in mind and offer robust security checks to ensure that little to no fraud passes into your systems.

What information does PayHawk need about my business?

We need the bare minimum such as your tax identification number, employer identification number and bank information (to process funds).

Will PayHawk work with my eCommerce store?

PayHawk works with nearly every website online. If you’re using a content management system such as WordPress you can utilize our plugin. If you are on a website that supports custom code, you can use our custom integration. We also offer an external payment gateway system that works on every platform out there.

What payment methods can be used with PayHawk?

PayHawk currently supports MasterCard, American Express, Visa, PayPal, Discover, JCB, ApplePay, Google Pay, gift cards, ACH & e-checks.

Does PayHawk support crypto-currency?

At this time, PayHawk does not natively support crypto-currency, however, we may be able to advise alternative solutions such as conversion plugins for your site to enable a purchase of gift cards.

Does PayHawk have a point of sales system?

Yes we do! With PayHawk you get access to both a point of sale and a credit card processing terminal.

Unlock Your High Risk Payment Gateway Today!

Reach out today and get started with your low fee, secure high risk payment gateway.

Fraudulent Orders? Not with PayHawk.

PayHawk leverages the powerhouse authorize.net to provide a throughout transaction screening process, ensuring minimal fraud in your orders. Sell with peace of mind, only with PayHawk.

High Risk Payment Gateway with Dedicated Solutions

PayHawk has purpose-built high-risk payment processing solutions for high-risk merchants such as yours.

Bill Presentment (EBPP)

Accept payment electronically, or over the phone. With PayHawk’s bill presentment feature, high-risk businesses have full control over their bill flow.

Near-Instant Payment Processing

Legally, we can’t say instant, however, our payment processing technology works at the speed of light. Transaction data is sent securely between servers at speeds unimaginable.

Dedicated Reporting

Have granular control over financial reports by filtering date ranges and product segments. PayHawk also supports data export so you can perform third-party reporting at your leisure.

Extra Secure

PayHawk uses the standard PCI DSS protocols to ensure that your transactions are secure. But, we don’t stop there. PayHawk also leverages several other security layers to ensure a completely safe and secure transaction, without causing strain on your customers.

We Don’t Judge

PayHawk is a laid back merchant service provider that wants to help you grow your business by providing meaningful merchant services. That means that we want the same thing as you. We want you to grow and succeed as it helps us grow and succeed. It’s a win/win, high-risk or not.

Honest Fee Schedule

Our approach to fees is to be transparent and upfront about them. We offer insanely low fees on high-risk merchant accounts. Want a free quote on your high-risk merchant account? Click the button below, fill out a quick form and hear back within 24 hours.

Process High-Risk Payments with PayHawk

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