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GoPayhawk PIN Debit

Process Legally with GoPayhawk PIN Debit

Offer a secure cashless payment method that your customers use in everyday retail shopping – inserting a debit card and entering their PIN number. GoPayhawk’s PIN Debit solution, powered by a trusted cannabis bank, is a direct bank-to-bank transaction that charges the debit cardholder immediately in the exact dollar amount without any intermediate cash-holding partners. 

Accept Debit Card Payments In-Store

You can now offer safe, secure and cash-free payment options with our integrated in-store PIN Debit solution.

No Rounding

Transactions are for the exact dollar amount, which means no cash handling, costly mistakes or customer confusion at checkout.

Add Convenience

Offer your customers a familiar checkout experience with a simple debit insert and PIN entry.

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Maximize Revenue

Watch sales grow! Customers who use cashless payments typically spend up to 20% more per order than those who don't.

Reduce Cash Management

Reduce extra steps and potential errors with a terminal integrated with your GoPayhawk POS.

Why GoPayhawk PIN Debit?

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